Help with costs

Too expensive? Don't despair! There are options to help bring the cost of an EV down.
  • Public charging cost
  • There are various options to reduce costs for those who need to do a lot of public charging. This might be because they are out on the road a lot, or don't have a charger at home. Manufacturers such as Kia, Audi, Mercedes and many more offer schemes to cut the price per kWh for a monthly fee. In addition, there are third party services available:
    Octopus Electroverse
  • Public Charging Strategy
  • Remember, when using a public charger, you may only need enough energy to get home, where you can charge up at a much cheaper rate. This only applies if you have cheaper charging at home.
  • Vehicle cost
  • If you're struggling to finance the vehicle, consider options like:
    Company Car
    Salary Sacrifice
    Hire Purchase (HP)
    Personal Contract Plan (PCP)
    Lease / Personal Contract Hire
  • Home electricity cost
  • You may be able to switch to a cheaper tariff with your provider, or switch to a provider that offers a better deal. Many companies offer tarrifs exclusively to EV owners that include cheaper night time charging rates.
    Uswitch EV Tariffs
  • Servicing
  • EVs have thousands fewer moving parts than combustion engined vehicles so are generally much cheaper to service over the long term. EVs don't need any engine oil changes, oil filters or fuel filters. EV brake pads typically last far longer than combustion cars due to the use of regenerative braking (aka regen braking).